LeBron James praises Tyrese Maxey for performance vs. Heat: ‘So damn good’

The Philadelphia 76ers weren’t able to come out on top of Game 2 against the Miami Heat, but Tyrese Maxey certainly made an impression on many watching the game.

The first two games of this playoff series between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Miami Heat haven’t exactly gone the way many fans in Philadelphia would have wanted. However, despite some lackluster results from the 76ers, it appears as if one player on Philadelphia’s roster is impressing many.

Tyrese Maxey may be young, but he is showing some incredible potential. The 21-year-old Maxey has been able to thrive this season, but he’s really demonstrating just how good he can be in this playoff series.

In Game 2, Maxey managed to play for 43 minutes. During that timeframe, he scored 34 points, which was good enough to lead the 76ers Wednesday evening.

That’s really good. And of course, LeBron James, like much of the rest of NBA Twitter Wednesday evening, definitely took notice of Maxey’s accomplishments.

Philadelphia 76ers: Tyrese Maxey thrives in Game 2 vs. Miami Heat

It absolutely has to feel pretty good to be getting some recognition and praise from an All-Time great like James. Having someone like James weigh in on how you’re performing must be a pretty cool thing.

But while it’s all sorts of great to receive that sort of recognition, Maxey would also benefit from having some more help from the rest of his team right now.

At the end of the day though, the 76ers will need more from someone like James Harden to help get past the Heat in this playoff series. There’s no guarantee that the 76ers would have a shot otherwise they gave up a lot to go out and add him to this roster. With Joel Embiid out, Harden will to do more to need to help Maxey get some wins against the Heat.