Seahawks: 3 games Seattle can play spoiler next season

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Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks have plenty of opportunities to play spoiler throughout next season.

Even if the Seattle Seahawks are not expected to do much this fall, they will have their fair share of chances to upset favored teams.

While the future betting lines will be what determines if a Seahawks victory counts as an upset or not, this team has too much pride to win something like four games under future hall of fame head coach Pete Carroll. The on-field talent may not be there as in the past, but the Seahawks are certainly capable of winning a handful of games they probably should not. Who is getting upset?

Here are three games on the Seahawks’ 2022 season schedule that they could play spoiler in.

Seattle Seahawks: 3 potential upset victories that could be had this season

3. Week 15: vs. San Francisco 49ers (Thursday, Dec. 15)

Though some critics of the Seahawks may argue that they could go 0-for in NFC West play, that is not happening. In fact, they should be able to win a game or two in the division fairly easily. Not to say the Seahawks will knock off the Los Angeles Rams on either occasion, but things are lining up favorably for them to possibly knock off the San Francisco 49ers in the latter part of the season.

This will be a Thursday Night Football game at Lumen Field, meaning a quick turnaround for both teams. Even if Carroll has the weaker roster, the Seahawks also face the weaker of the two opponents the week prior. Seattle hosts the rebuilding Carolina Panthers, while the 49ers host the NFC South favorite Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How sure are we the 49ers will not overlook Seattle?

Not only that, but San Francisco is a team with great variance next year. With them expected to move off Jimmy Garoppolo in favor of Trey Lance, who is to say the second-year pro out of North Dakota State can hold a candle to their former starting quarterback? In short, San Francisco is a prime candidate for regression among teams that made the playoffs last season out of the NFC.

A road favorite on a short week in a potential letdown game is a terrific opportunity for Seattle.

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