Vikings: 3 veterans on the roster bubble after rookie minicamp

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The Minnesota Vikings are looking at improving as they go forward. What moves can Minnesota make with its roster to help make that happen?

With a new head coach and a new vision for this franchise’s future, the Minnesota Vikings might be making some fairly significant changes here in the relatively near future. NFL franchises regularly shake up their rosters and move on from players in search of better fits for their team.

Unfortunately for the folks on those rosters, that means that players will ultimately get cut and traded and moved on from. These sorts of things happen every year. It’s an unfortunate part of this business.

So, with the Vikings trying to move forward, what changes might Minnesota make?

Minnesota Vikings: 3 veterans now on the bubble as rookie minicamp wraps up

No. 3: Sean Mannion

How much longer will Minnesota keep Sean Mannion? There’s nothing inherently wrong with hold on to the backup quarterback, but it’s reasonable to wonder if the Vikings wouldn’t benefit more from giving Kellen Mond some more opportunities as they try to go forward. Mannion isn’t necessarily a bad option to have as a backup quarterback.

Still, the 30-year-old probably doesn’t have the potential to help this franchise at some point in the future the way someone like a 22-year-old Mond possibly could.

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