Saints: Jameis Winston is all aboard the Chris Olave hype train

Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston is so enamored with what Ohio State rookie Chris Olave brings to the table that he cannot even say a redundant cliche correctly.

As Jameis Winston works his way back from a torn ACL, the New Orleans Saints quarterback can lay his head to rest at night easily, knowing his team has got a guy in Chris Olave.

The Saints navigated the board marvelously to get to No. 11 in last month’s draft to select the Ohio State standout. Winston has been able to throw to the former Buckeyes star this offseason. While Kevin Garnett taught us that anything is possible nearly 14 years ago, perhaps we need to check on the type of pillow Winston rolls with these days. Similes are just so hard sometimes…

"“Smooth as the other side of the pillow,” said Winston to Katherine Terrell of The Athletic on Thursday about Olave. “He can get in and out of breaks very well. Electric, and smart, man. He’s a guy that’s always asking questions. He’s a guy that wants to know how you want it, and I really respect that.”"

No matter if Olave is “cool like butter” or as “smooth as the other side of the pillow”, we must protect Winston at all costs.

Jameis Winston is all aboard the Chris Olave hype train, botched similes and all

Admittedly, we’ve come a long way since eating W’s, but with “playmakers on three” as his backup, it is about to be a time down in New Orleans this season. Not only will Winston be fully healed from his torn ACL, but he may go full-blown, no risk it, no biscuit with Pete Carmichael Jr. calling the shots offensively with Sean Payton retiring. Olave will become such a Winston favorite.

No matter how many similes or metaphors Winston mixes up in the future, the Saints have a great opportunity ahead of them this fall. They play in the weaker of the two conferences, meaning they have an easier path to making the playoffs. New Orleans may not catch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC South but should be better than the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.

Ultimately, this is Winston’s last best chance to prove if he is a starting quarterback in the league. He knows this offense and has plenty of excellent skill-position players around him. In theory, this should work. Then again, his proclivity to throwing picks and inherently reckless nature left him out of a job in Tampa Bay five seasons after being the No. 1 overall pick. In Olave Winston trusts…

Winston and Who Dat Nation have every reason to be excited about Olave since he is awesome!

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