NBA Finals ticket prices: Warriors-Celtics tix going at absurd price

The NBA Finals ticket prices have sky rocketed as the needle moves because these two fanbases will pay for it.

For anyone that wants to attend the NBA Finals, better get ready to fork out some serious cash because tickets are not cheap.

These ticket prices are absurd because the cheapest one on the secondary market is $518 to see in the nosebleeds, before the ridiculous service fees those sites charge.

NBA fans are loyal, but paying that much money to see the two teams look like tiny ants is ridiculous. Even players’ family members are having to stay home because of these sky-high prices, and that isn’t cool because their family is playing the game.

However, when you think about it, the Warriors and Celtics have two of the most passionate fanbases in the league, and people know their fans will pay to be there.

NBA Finals ticket prices for Warriors-Celtics are absurd

Do these prices also raise the argument of how much is too much for a game? There are at least four games, so it’s crazy that people will pay this much when the game they attend may or may not mean it crowns an NBA champion. Life is short, but at the same time, spending what could be a downpayment on a car is crazy.

Unlike the Super Bowl, College Football Playoff Championship, and a few other title games, those are one-time things, and paying outrageous prices doesn’t seem as crazy, but for the NBA Finals — it’s far too much money.

Are these prices really because Celtics and Warrior fans will pay it no matter what, or is it because this NBA Finals is better than other recent ones?

No one can convince me that paying $500-plus for a Game 1 ticket is worth it. If it were Game 7 and a championship was truly on the line, then maybe. But even then, it’s hard to justify it when live coverage is usually a better viewing experience for people.

Everyone has a price on how much they will spend to watch their team, but something has to give because these prices are way too much for most fans to pay.