New Cleveland Cavaliers logos have been leaked online

Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Rick Osentoski/Getty Images)
Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Rick Osentoski/Getty Images) /

New Cleveland Cavaliers logos have been leaked online and we so have to see them right now!

The Cleveland Cavaliers have new logos that have been leaked and are out there on the internet.

After first glance, it may not look like a major departure from what the Cavs were already doing, but upon further inspection, there are a few key takeaways. The first is the swords have been removed from both their shield and script C logos. While the wine color remains prominent, it is more golden than the previously gold looked. Plus, there is a throwback to a popular Cavs logo…

Here is how the previous logos differ from the ones that were leaked out on Thursday morning.

New Cleveland Cavaliers logos leaked

Though the shield and script C logos are only slightly different due to a color change and a sword removal, the big takeaway is the tertiary logo. It is a throwback combination of the 1990s-era Cavs logo where the V resembles a basketball net. What is interesting though is this new throwback tertiary logo uses the same color scheme associated with the team now and not the 1990s colors.

After what was a surprisingly fun season for the Cavs, they look to do something they have not been able to accomplish since LeBron James left for a second time: Make the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Cleveland came up just shy of pulling that off, as they fell to the Brooklyn Nets and then the Atlanta Hawks in their two play-in tournament games. This new core seems to be on-the-rise.

Uniform changes and logo updates are commonplace in professional sports. Though some are seen as untouchable, it is more likely to happen when a team either has not won very much recently, or has just started winning. The idea is the Cavaliers will sell more merchandise now ahead of what should be a breakthrough season for this team. They need to make the playoffs.

While losing the swords is tough for some to swallow, getting the 1990s logo back is a good move.

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