Warriors: 3 funniest moments from Dubs championship parade (NSFW)

The Golden State Warriors held their NBA Championship parade on Monday. Here are three of the funniest moments from the event.

The Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions for the fourth time in eight years after they defeated the Boston Celtics in six games. With that, a parade in the Bay Area was set for Monday, June 20.

As is the case with a championship parade, that means there are bound to be some funny moments that make waves on social media, some of them not suitable for work. Here are three of the most hilarious moments from the Warriors championship parade.

3. Warriors: Klay Thompson mocks Stephen Curry for crying

One of the closing image of Game 6 in the NBA Finals saw Stephen Curry fall to the court, overcome with emotion. After four years, Curry could call himself an NBA Champion again.

During the interview portion of the parade, Curry crying on the court after Game 6. Klay Thompson, who was sitting next to Curry on the stage, decided to roast his teammate.

2. Warriors: Draymond Green drops F-bomb on live tv

During his podcast at the start of the season, Draymond Green said “don’t let us win a f—ing championship.” Well, Golden State did just that, which meant that Green would be on top of the world and let his critics know about it.

Green was interviewed live on television and was asked about what he has to say about those who doubted the Warriors. Green asked if it was live tv, and then said “f–k them.”

If you thought he was done there, Green had his speech. He ended it by saying “thank you all and it’s always f–k everybody else.”

1. Warriors: A tough day for Klay

In his first season back since recovering from a torn ACL and a ruptured Achilles, Klay Thompson is once again an NBA champion.

Thompson was filming on Instagram Live on his way to the parade, where his championship hat flew off of his head and into the water. With that, Thompson had to wear his boating hat in place of the one that was lost at sea. As it turns out, Klay almost avoided disaster.

As he walked off of the bus to greet fans, Thompson dropped one of his NBA Championship rings on the ground among the confetti. Luckily, he was able to find it.

These were just three moments from what was a memorable parade for the Warriors.