Chris Ilitch provides more evidence that he never watches the Tigers

Detroit Tigers owner Chris Ilitch’s comments at Derek Lalonde’s introductory Red Wings press conference proves that he has not watched his MLB team play this season.

After parting ways with Jeff Blashill, the Detroit Red Wings concluded their head coaching search by hiring Tampa Bay Lightning assistant Derek Lalonde. It is a big move for the Red Wings, as Lalonde had been part of the dominant Lightning teams that won back-to-back Stanley Cups in 2020 and 2021.

Chris Ilitch, who owns both the Red Wings and the Tigers, was in attendance for Lalonde’s introductory press conference this past week. During said presser, Ilitch expressed his belief that he is “pleased with the progress”of the Tigers this season.

Chris Ilitch ‘pleased with the progress’ of Tigers

Ilitch did point out that he liked the progress with the younger players on the team. But, he described the team’s 29-45 start entering July 1 as “a slow start.” Tigers fans definitely hope that that is the case, but they are not exactly confident in that.

The Tigers did spend some big money this offseason, such as to shortstop Javier Baez, in manager A.J. Hinch’s second season at the helm. But, the win-now moves have not resulted in wins in Detroit.

This is an organization that has not had a winning record since the 2016 season. The team that year went 86-75, but did not qualify for the postseason.

Yes, Detroit has had their fair share of injuries this year, especially to their starting rotation. But, there are going to be some that are not going to buy Ilitch’s belief that the team is making progress. Look, there is still plenty of time left for the team to turns things around. But, it looks pretty bleak right now.