NBA insider: Knicks turn down Jazz trade including 6 first-round picks

Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports
Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports /

The Knicks and Jazz are discussing a Donovan Mitchell trade but so far New York’s asking price has been way too high.

Since the news broke that the Jazz were willing to listen trade offers for Donovan Mitchell, rumors have swirled around the New York Knicks. They were rumored to be the frontrunners but their refusal to include R.J. Barrett in a deal seemed like a potential stumbling block. It appears that wasn’t the only line they weren’t willing to cross.

According to Tony Jones of The Athletic, the Jazz had asked for six first-round picks, Quentin Grimes, Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin and Miles McBride. That was too much for the Knicks.

What would the Knicks actually trade the Jazz for Donovan Mitchell?

Interestingly, Jones also noted that the Jazz don’t actually want Barrett because of his contract, instead looking to maximize their return in picks and low-cost young players with upside. Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune offered even more details about the picks the Jazz are seeking, including the fact that they want pick swaps around those six first-rounders.

"“In those conversations and prior ones, according to a source, the Jazz asked for a huge, essentially unprecedented return for Mitchell. The Knicks can trade a maximum of eight first-round picks outright — the Jazz want a majority of those picks. They also asked for pick swaps down the road. Finally, they also asked for some combination of youngsters Quentin Grimes, Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin, Miles McBride, and Cam Reddish. Grimes is perhaps the lead target among those players for Utah.”"

The Jazz would also need to take back either Derrick Rose or Evan Fournier in a potential deal for salary matching purposes.

If that seems like an absurd haul, remember that the Timberwolves just gave the Jazz five players (including their last two first-round picks), four future first-round picks and a pick swap. You can argue endlessly about whether Mitchell or Gobert are actually more impactful but Mitchell is higher-profile and would seem to be more conventionally appealing. So it’s no surprise the Jazz are asking for so much.

However, the Jazz have also made clear they don’t think the Heat can offer enough so if they can’t extract the deal they want from the Knicks, they may have to choose between settling for less or rolling into next season with Mitchell still on the roster.

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