John Daly congratulates Cameron Smith, chalks another British Open win for the mullets

Cameron Smith, Claret Jug. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)
Cameron Smith, Claret Jug. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images) /

Australia’s Cameron Smith pulled off the ultimate upset over Open Championship favorite Rory McIlroy, snatching victory with an awe-inspiring hot streak on the back nine to seal the win at 20 under par.

The world congratulated the uniquely styled golfer, but John Dally’s tweet was perfect.

Cam Smith began the day on Sunday four strokes from the lead, which was shared by crowd favorite Rory McIlroy and Norway’s Viktor Hovland. Although we were one of the few who called the possible upset win, the fairy tale ending seemed to be McIlroy’s to cement, with the St. Andrews crowd (and seemingly everyone else) cheering him on at every hole. No one seemed to take Cam Smith seriously as a threat.

But once the Australian golfer hit the back nine—with Hovland faltering due to nerves, and McIlroy playing it too safe—it became the attack of the Cam’s (Cameron Smith and American Cameron Young) who pulled the upset of the tour by leapfrogging the four-time major winner McIlroy in stunning fashion.

Five birdies in a row (and six in total) during a tension-filled back nine put the Irish golfer on the defense, with the 33-year-old McIlroy missing a necessary eagle on the penultimate hole, culminating in Smith becoming the first Australian to win The Open since Greg Norman.

John Daly congratulates Cameron Smith for winning The Open

Cam Smith displayed all the conviction in the world on the final day. What else could you expect from someone confident enough to wear a very distinctive hairstyle (and equally idiosyncratic ‘stache) that is almost talked about more than his golf talent? Not one to miss a beat, another flamboyantly-coiffured golfer, two-time major winner John Dally offered a very cheeky congratulations.

Takes one to know one.

This of course inspired a series of hilarious tweets, because, well, why not? Besides when you’ve just achieved the Claret Jug, nothing will probably bother you.

With some joking that Rory McIlroy needs to adopt the look next time.

During the press conference, he was asked by a journalist if he plans to give up his ‘good luck’ mullet, to which he replied a resounding no. Why get rid of what is clearly working brilliantly? Besides, have you seen what Cam Smith looks like without the mustache? Like about age 12.

The Open winner also joked that he was “going to find out how many beers fit in [the Claret Jug]. That’s for sure,” during the presser.

He certainly deserves it, for both his golf game and his look.

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