MLB Draft 2022: Winners and losers from Round 1

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Jul 17, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Kevin Parada is congratulated by Rob Manfred, commissioner of Major League Baseball, after he was selected by the New York Mets as the 11th player in the MLB draft at XBox Plaza at LA Live. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Draft: Winners and losers from the first round.

The Major League Baseball Draft is finally upon us and round one delivered on all of the promise in a big way.

The Baltimore Orioles elected to pick Jackson Holliday with the first-overall pick in the draft to the surprise of many. Druw Jones had been believed to be the best true talent in the class and was a safe bet to be picked first.

Without any additional spoilers or further analysis, the Rangers, Cubs, Rockies and Tigers all selected players who weren’t expected to go as high as they ultimately did.

The first round results from this year’s MLB Draft are as follows:

  1. Baltimore Orioles – SS Jackson Holliday
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks – OF Druw Jones
  3. Texas Rangers – RHP Kumar Rocker
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates – SS Termarr Johnson
  5. Washington Nationals – OF Elijah Green
  6. Miami Marlins – INF/OF Jacob Berry
  7. Chicago Cubs – RHP Cade Horton
  8. Minnesota Twins – SS Brooks Lee
  9. Kansas City Royals – OF Gavin Cross
  10. Colorado Rockies – RHP Gabriel Hughes
  11. New York Mets – C Kevin Parada
  12. Detroit Tigers – 2B Jace Jung
  13. Los Angeles Angels – SS Zach Neto
  14. New York Mets – INF/OF Jett Williams
  15. San Diego Padres – RHP Dylan Lesko
  16. Cleveland Guardians – OF Chase DeLauter
  17. Philadelphia Phillies – OF Justin Crawford
  18. Cincinnati Reds – 3B Cam Collier
  19. Oakland Athletics – C Daniel Susac
  20. Atlanta Braves – RHP Owen Murphy
  21. Seattle Mariners – SS Cole Young
  22. St. Louis Cardinals – LHP Cooper Hjerpe
  23. Toronto Blue Jays – LHP Brandon Barriera
  24. Boston Red Sox – SS Mikey Romero
  25. New York Yankees – OF Spencer Jones
  26. Chicago White Sox – LHP Noah Schultz
  27. Milwaukee Brewers – SS Eric Brown Jr.
  28. Houston Astros – OF Drew Gilbert
  29. Tampa Bay Rays – 1B Xavier Isaac
  30. San Francisco Giants – LHP/1B Reggie Crawford
  31. Colorado Rockies – OF Sterlin Thompson (comp pick for losing Trevor Story)
  32. Cincinnati Reds – 3B Sal Stewart (comp pick for losing Nick Castellanos)

Let’s take a look at three winners and three losers from the first round of this year’s MLB Draft.

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