Air Raid and Chill: Mike Leach has the only Netflix recs you’ll ever need at SEC Media Days

Mike Leach, Mississippi State Bulldogs. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Mike Leach, Mississippi State Bulldogs. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Leave it up to Mike Leach to let you know the only Netflix shows ever worth watching.

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach has all the Netflix show recommendations you will ever need in your life. The Pirate has got you covered like a spread-attack offense raiding some air.

It was the Bulldogs’ day to meet with the college football world at SEC Media Days in Atlanta on Tuesday. Leach not only showered and put on a suit and tie for this media engagement (one where he refused to give an opening statement because what’s the point in that?), but he provided us with the only Netflix shows you need to get caught up on. Here is what Leach has been watching.

Leach is a big fan of Hidden Gems, that one involving Pablo Escobar and a submarine, Better Caul Saul and Yellowstone. He is also about half there and livin’ on a prayer when it comes to Stranger Things, which his kids got him into. Leach and I have the similar tastes and viewing habits, so I will take his recommendations as gospel. I just have to remember my sister’s Netflix password first…

There is and only ever will be one Mike Leach when it comes to giving the people what they want.

Leach even wore his finest pair of khaki pants to SEC Media Days, too. Jim Harbaugh would never!

Air Raid and Chill: Mike Leach has all the Netflix recs you could ever hope for

No matter how you get there, or how often enough you do, we watch Netflix for various reasons. Some people want to escape the doldrums of their basic 9-to-5 lives. Others want to learn things about things they didn’t think they needed to learn about. Elite background noise during the workday from home, Netflix serves its purpose for everyone: From me, to you, to Coach Leach, too.

What is incredibly important here is the wide array of shows Leach is willing to spend his time watching. We all know documentaries have long been his jam, but dipping his toes into pure ’80s nerd nostalgia up in Hawkins, Indiana way was a complete shock. Although he is not an Ozark type of guy apparently, it comes as no surprise Leach is a huge fan of Better Caul Saul and Yellowstone.

For a man who makes his living raiding air in the most remote outpost of his Power Five conference could ever hope to offer, The Pirate has a strong, diversified Netflix-watching portfolio. It is a treasure chest of golden assets Reed Hastings could totally get behind, but we have to wonder what FAANG thinks about all this. Let’s buy into the dip and raid some freaking air, y’all!

Mississippi State football is the perfect comp for Netflix: You never know what you’re going to see.

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