Bryson DeChambeau flaunts LIV Golf money in latest NFT drop

Bryson DeChambeau has been unabashed about joining LIV Golf as a business decision but now he’s flaunting his money in a new NFT promotion.

If there’s anything to give Bryson DeChambeau credit for since his US Open win at Winged Foot, it’s the fact that he was honest about his move to LIV Golf from the PGA Tour. While many have hidden under the guise of “growing the game” or other clearly spoon-fed lines, the beefy golfer has said multiple times that his move was a business decision.

In the changing landscape of golf, it’s somehow refreshing for a golfer to address joining LIV Golf for what it is: They’re taking the money because it’s a lot of it. Too few of players have had the gumption to say that.

Having said that, DeChambeau or anyone then going on to flaunt that money as some grand achievement of theirs is asinine. So leave it to the 2020 US Open champion to do exactly that.

Bryson DeChambeau shows off LIV Golf money with NFT promotion

With his latest NFT promotion — which is hilarious given the current market in its own right — DeChambeau is blatantly showing off the money that he’s made from LIV Golf as it features a caricature of himself throwing up piles of cash around the golf course.

Really growing the game here. How beautiful…

For the credit that I’m willing to give him for calling his move a business decision, something like this just goes against everything else that the players who have jumped to the Saudi-backed and Greg Norman-led league have been trying to preach.

They aren’t growing anything. They’re fracturing the golf world for piles of cash to play golf with no stakes and, frankly, no meaning. If all these guys care about is the money, that’s fine — that’s a personal decision that anyone could make financially. But to flaunt it in this manner is a masterclass in not being able to read the room.

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