Juan Soto rumors: Strengths and weaknesses of 3 remaining offers

Then, there were three. As the Juan Soto trade conversations intensify, the Seattle Mariners have dropped out of the race. Only the Padres, Dodgers and Cardinals remain.

Each trade offer has its perks, of course. While we don’t necessarily have the exacts, there is enough reporting available as to who each team would be willing to trade in a deal for the 23-year-old Soto.

Soto seems resigned to the fact that he will be traded at some point, though even he would be surprised if it happened prior to Tuesday evening’s deadline.

The Scott Boras client wants to contract north of $500 million, which is quite frankly more than Washington will offer. $440 million was just the tip of the iceberg.

Juan Soto rumors: San Diego Padres trade offer

The Padres offer is prospect-laden, and includes the likes of Robert Hassell III and CJ Abrams (reportedly). Hassell impressed at the Future’s Game, while Abrams is considered one of the best young players in all of baseball despite struggling in a brief MLB appearance so far. AJ Preller can offer Washington more prospect capital than any other potential suitor. If that’s what the Nationals are looking for, then San Diego is their match. Of course, prospects are relative unknowns, as well. If it’s MLB-ready talent Mike Rizzo wants, look no further than the next team.

Juan Soto rumors: St. Louis Cardinals trade offer

The Cardinals have the most MLB-ready talent to offer for Soto. Nolan Gorman, Matthew Liberatore and more are all on the table, and have already made their big-league debuts. Jordan Walker, St. Louis’ No. 1 prospect, is also likely available (though that hasn’t been confirmed). If Washington wants an abbreviated rebuild, then St. Louis is their match. However, the Cards’ farm system is not well-thought of around the bigs for a reason.

Juan Soto rumors: Los Angeles Dodgers trade offer

While the Dodgers offer is sure to be a mix of MLB-ready talent and prospects, it likely will not be as loaded as that of the Cardinals or Padres. However, they do have the advantage of dealing with the Nationals in the recent past. Look no further than last trade deadline, when LA acquired Max Scherzer and Trea Turner. That has to mean something.

The other side of that coin is that Rizzo may not want to trade Soto to the same team he unloaded Scherzer and Turner to. In fact, that trade hasn’t grown well in the eyes of many pundits. Perhaps it would be best to stay away.