Cardinals backup plan after missing out on Frankie Montas

PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 17: Carlos Rodon #16 of the San Francisco Giants. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 17: Carlos Rodon #16 of the San Francisco Giants. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /

So, the St. Louis Cardinals missed out on trading for an ace starting pitcher like Frankie Montas. Montas got dealt to the Yankees on Monday Afternoon in case you missed it. The Cardinals are definitely going to be a team that regrets not dealing for Montas. So where do the Cardinals go from here? Who do they trade for? Here are some Cardinals rumors!

The Cardinals have a vast amount of prospects and young MLB talent. They could go a multitude of ways to improve their rotation or to get Soto.

I think the biggest reason the Cardinals missed out on Montas is because of the conflict between him and Juan Soto. It turns out that the A’s and the Nationals both wanted the same prospects from the Cardinals in their respective trades.

This could mean that the Cardinals are deadset on acquiring Juan Soto which would be a massive move for them. That could be their No.1 plan while Montas was a fall-back plan. However, there’s no mistaking the Cardinals’ need for more starting pitching. They desperately need at least one after seeing Jack Flaherty and Steven Matz suffer potentially season-ending injuries.

There are many Cardinals rumors on starting pitching

That’s why trading for Juan Soto feels more like a luxury than a need unless they plan to imitate the Rockies and attempt to out-score everyone. A trio of Arenado, Goldschmidt, and Soto does sound extremely terrifying if I’m a pitcher.

That very well could be their backup plan. However, let’s say they decide their backup plan is more pitching. They have already been connected to one of the best starters on the market in Tyler Mahle. He is a cheap starter under control through 23′. He would immediately be the Cardinals’ No.2 or No.3 starter.

Another option is going after Miami Marlins’ Pablo Lopez or the Diamondbacks Merrill Kelly. Perhaps they go for the Giants’ Carlos Rodon. He’s an extremely talented left-handed pitcher that would bring a lot to the Cardinals.

Carlos Rodon would give them a lefty in their rotation, playoff experience, and a workhorse on the mound. Rodon is a rental which means he would come much cheaper than the prior names listed. Other rental arms could be Jose Quintana or Noah Syndergaard. Although Noah has a large salary.

Either way, the Cardinals will be on the hunt for pitching. Carlos Rodon might just give them the best chance to win this year. Look for them to try to acquire him.

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