Mets need Jacob deGrom insurance now more than ever

Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom. (Syndication: Daytona Beach News-Journal)
Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom. (Syndication: Daytona Beach News-Journal) /

The New York Mets have the best playoff odds in the NL East division, but they may be in trouble if they don’t get Jacob deGrom insurance.

The New York Mets are looking into star player Juan Soto. However, he’s an unrealistic target, and not much is expected to happen for New York by the trade deadline. The team has great playoff odds, and it’ll take a great player to increase those even more.

Jacob deGrom is set to return on Tuesday, which could undoubtedly make the team better.

Considering deGrom’s talent and his plan to opt out of his contract after this year, the Mets need insurance on him. He could be the key to keeping playoff odds up.

Last season, deGrom pitched unbelievably well. He produced an ERA of 1.08, batting average against of .129 and WHIP of 0.55. He’s one of the best pitchers in the league and has rarely produced a WHIP above 1.00.

He’s yet to make his season debut and has been rehabbing an injury in MiLB, but if he returns healthy, he could be exactly what the team is missing.

Jacob deGrom has been a major factor in the Mets success on the mound

Losing deGrom would certainly be difficult. Though he’s yet to play this season, he’s the best starting pitcher on the Mets and one of the bests in MLB.

He’s earned a plethora of awards, including three Player of the Weeks, two Rookie of the Months, three Rookie of the Years, six Pitcher of the Years and two Cy Youngs.

Considering the impact deGrom holds on the Mets franchise, they may want to lock him down before having to reinvent the team entirely.

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