MLB Power Rankings: How the trade deadline changed everything

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MLB Power Rankings

The updated MLB Power Rankings after the trade deadline. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The MLB Power Rankings look a lot different one day after the MLB trade deadline.

How can one day drastically change the MLB Power Rankings? Well, if that day is the MLB trade deadline, you might understand.

Rosters look a lot different right now than they did 24 hours ago. Some teams look like they belong in the minor leagues. Others are more championship-ready than ever before.

Power doesn’t shift this much on any other day of the year—at least in the baseball world. Although we need to take the standings into consideration as well, the MLB Power Rankings look different than they did even two mornings ago.

10) MLB Power Rankings: Seattle Mariners

After the Luis Castillo trade, things quieted down for the Seattle Mariners. This is a ball club that either wisely or not so smartly put a lot of trust in their young players to step up this season. Their huge winning streak last month made them obvious trade deadline buyers. In the MLB Power Rankings, they have potential to sway drastically in many directions.

Seattle is as capable of going on another long winning streak as they are dropping a couple of games in a row. The trade deadline moves they did execute made them better but maybe not as great as they will need to be in order to compete with the best in the American League.

If Mariners fans are feeling underwhelming today, they’re not alone. Jerry Dipoto is known for making lots of transactions. However, at this year’s MLB trade deadline, he was a little quieter than many would have liked.

9) MLB Power Rankings: Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies had an excellent final day of the MLB trade deadline. They shoot up the MLB Power Rankings and look better positioned to make a playoff run as a wild card team.

The Phillies upgraded center field with Brandon Marsh then added David Robertson to the bullpen. Maybe more importantly, Odubel Herrera and Jeurys Familia were designated for assignment as a result of these two moves. They also managed to snag Noah Syndergaard shortly before 6 p.m. to help improve the rotation.

Soon enough, this team should have Bryce Harper back in the starting lineup. Jean Segura will also return from the IL to help give this offense the full strength it will need. Although they should have done more, depleting the farm system further might have set them up for a huge failure. They already have a short stream in the pipeline. The right deals probably just weren’t out there for them.

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