Soldier Field looks borderline unsafe for Patrick Mahomes and Justin Fields

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Soldier Field turf is does not look safe to play on ahead of the Chicago Bears’ first preseason game of the summer vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

The only thing worse than the Chicago Bears football team is the state of the “grass” at Soldier Field.

In the lead-up to their preseason opener vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, Soldier Field, I kid you not, resembles Neyland Stadium. I never thought I would see the grass inside of a major football stadium look as horrendous before the weather changed, but here we are. No wonder the Bears want to move to Arlington Heights, as McDonald’s Stadium turf will be so much better than this.

If I were Andy Reid, I would refuse to play on this “grass”. Sinew does not need to be ripped today.

The Soldier Field turf is the only thing worse than the 2022 Chicago Bears

Picture this. A few years from now, Chicagoland will congregate to watch a much-improved Bears team play at the Play Place known as McDonald’s Stadium. Those Golden Arches will light up the night sky better than the Willis Tower every could. Not only do the Bears get to play on a playing surface not compromised by Jimmy Haslam gasoline-soaked grass seed, but they should be good.

The Bears Lair in the surrounding area will be as profitable as The Battery in suburban Atlantan is. There will be Final Fours and Super Bowls and freaking Monster Jams to be held in this football cathedral. As expected, the parks department will let Soldier Field fall into disrepair, as it will soon resemble an urban prairie like that of Detroit, Michigan. You are not the Detroit Lions, Bears fans…

Although the paint is not melting on the whatever playing surface this is like Tom Benson Stadium ahead of that one Hall of Fame Game from years past, star players like Justin Fields and Patrick Mahomes do not need to shred their ACLs into oblivion running on this nonsense. Nick Chubb did survive worse in Knoxville when he was a Dawg, but we could see that coming from a mile away.

As if the Bears needed another reason to go to the suburbs, this “grass” should do the trick, alight.

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