Draymond Green shares eye-popping cannabis party favors at his wedding

Draymond Green got married this weekend and apparently spared no expense on the open cannabis bar.

NBA weddings are almost always lavish affairs, with leaked videos and pictures showing sparkling aesthetics and the smiling faces of teammates and stars from around the league.

This weekend we were treated to some visuals from Draymond Green’s weekend wedding which included, LeBron James having fun on the dance floor, LeBron and Draymond posing for a group photo with Patrick Beverley, Steph Curry and Jayson Tatum, oh, and a massive weed bar loaded with dozens of pre-rolled blunts.


I hope the wedding planners put as much attention to detail into the quantity and quality of passed appetizers because there must have been a lot of hungry guests.

Draymond Green went all out on the cannabis party favors

Judging from this short clip there was someone rolling the blunts in real-time during the festivities. From the signage, it also appears that there were three different varieties, including the “Hazel Haze” which was a blend of the Biscotti and ZKittleZ strains (Draymond’s wife is actress Hazel Renee).

Marijuana use remains prohibited by the NBA but since the bubble restart in 2020, the league has ended random testing. Recreational marijuana use is also now legal in 18 states, including Canada, where the wedding presumably took place.

However, these visuals are also a stark reminder of how much variation there is in legality around the world, and even within the United States. Draymond Green celebrated with a table full of marijuana in California but Montrezl Harrell is facing felony charges in Kentucky for getting pulled over with three pounds of marijuana in his car. Meanwhile, Brittney Griner is facing nine years in a Russian prison for carrying a vape pen and less than a gram of cannabis oil.