Antonio Brown bashes Tom Brady, Buccaneers on Twitter

Tom Brady, Antonio Brown (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Antonio Brown (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Antonio Brown is sending some shots at the Buccaneers and Tom Brady on Twitter after his leave of absence

Antonio Brown may not be an active NFL player at this point, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to go quietly into the night with preseason in full swing. He’s got opinions about his former team and teammate Tom Brady.

After parting ways with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the most public fashion possible last season by storming off the field shirtless in the middle of a game, Brown clearly still has icy feelings toward TB and TB12.

Brady has been absent from Bucs practices as of late for family-related reasons which were reportedly pre-approved. He will be out for a few more days, scheduled to return August 21.

Antonio Brown is calling hypocrisy on Tom Brady’s Buccaneers absence

Brown isn’t a huge fan of the way the Brady situation has gone, clearly:

Brown repeatedly has been in and out as an active player with various teams for what you could call “personal reasons,” and it seems he’s implying with this Tweet that the public reaction to his absence(s) vs Bradys are different and hypocritical.

In 2019, Brown skipped work over displeasure with a helmet while a member of the Raiders.

Then, there was a sexual assault allegation (and a release from the Patriots shortly after) and a separate suspension from the NFL for violating the conduct policy for a different incident. Later, he was suspended for procuring a fake vaccination card to the league while a member of Tampa Bay.

The sexual assault allegation was settled.

And finally, the finale:

As we know, Brown alleges he was injured and couldn’t play in his final game with Tampa, and had a confrontation with then head coach Bruce Arians about being unfit to play.

So… yeah…. None of these absences are exactly the same as Brady’s pre-approved family absence. But, clearly, the AB-lens colors things in a, well, unique fashion.

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