49ers Hall of Famer says that Lamar Jackson can be the GOAT

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. (Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports)
Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. (Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports) /

Former 49ers Super Bowl winner and Hall of Famer Steve Young had some high praise for Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Ahead of the Baltimore Ravens 2022 season, the only man to throw six touchdown passes in one Super Bowl had some high praise for the Ravens’ No. 1 quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

Steve Young, the former 49ers Super Bowl MVP who played under the legendary head coach Bill Walsh and arguably the best quarterback of his era, Joe Montana, feels that a new generation of potential GOATs could enter the fold during the present-day NFL.

Young is high on Lamar Jackson, the four-year starter out of Louisville who is known for his electrifying speed and game-changing on-field adjustments as a mobile quarterback. With a 58-49 record as a starter during his career thus far, Jackson has helped the Ravens make the playoffs in recent years but has never gotten the AFC North blue blood over the hump of winning a Super Bowl.

Young feels that Jackson’s future greatness can happen with a little bit of help.

“Lamar Jackson can be the greatest player in the history of the game,” Young said during ESPN’s Monday Night Football halftime report of the Bears-Seahawks game.

Steve Young feels that the Ravens haven’t given Jackson the proper tools

Young went on to explain that it’s not entirely Jackson’s fault that the Ravens have not made a deeper run in the postseason

”Lamar Jackson is a complete player that is being not trained in being a sophisticated passer,” he said. “They [the Ravens] double-down again back to all the great things that Lamar does great, but until he gets the chance to show that he is a sophisticated passer of the football in a sophisticated passing game that is properly invested in, which they never have done to Robert’s point just a minute ago, they don’t invest in it. They don’t teach it.”

Jackson and the Ravens missed the playoffs in 2021, finishing 8-9. However, there is hope that a 2022 season in which the quarterback still trying to lock up a new contract can recapture his MVP-caliber form by staying healthy and making strides in his game.

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