Oklahoma, LSU and more O-lines ink NIL deal that would make John Daly proud

John Daly. (Photo by Ryan Young/Getty Images)
John Daly. (Photo by Ryan Young/Getty Images) /

Oklahoma and LSU offensive linemen are among the many student-athletes who have made John Daly such a proud stepfather by inking absolutely tremendous NIL deals with Hooters.

Oklahoma and LSU are a few of the college football programs that have had offensive linemen sign NIL deals with Hooters, making John Daly an incredibly proud stepfather on this Monday.

Quite literally dozens of student-athletes have decided to celebrate good times at Sonny Koufax’s favorite wing restaurant. Whether he’s going by Cole, Dylan or Jughead meow, you better believe Julian and his Big Daddy Jon Stewart will be there too, right after watching The Kangaroo Song in full for the umpteenth time this week. Like Daly off the tee, it hits different, just like this NIL deal.

Between the 10 schools with linemen becoming Hooters men, let’s hope Wing Green from Georgia Tech procures the best deal. I have never wanted to see what a tomatillo fried chicken wing looks like in my entire life. Odds are, it is going to hit harder than Joe Carter at the plate for the Toronto Blue Jays in the 1993 Fall Classic. It was so powerful, it made Riverdale come to life 25 years later.

Let’s hope none of these dozens of college football players wind up playing for the got dam Jets!

Georgia Tech’s Wing Green, dozens of college linemen ink NIL deals with Hooters

There is no coincidence all of these offensive linemen are teaming up with Hooters at precisely the right time, as chicken wings have finally dipped back to pre-pandemic prices. Whether you play for a team named after a ferocious feline, a majestic bird or a terrifying weather pattern, let the big dawg eat, son! You get a tray of wings, and you get a tray of wings, and you get a tray of wings…

It doesn’t matter if these fine young men can order a tall cool Budweiser at their nearest Hooters or not, Daly will show them all how to be long off the tee, like the proud adopted step-father he has just become. Just don’t tell your mom about this, alright. Okay, now let’s go grab some Arnold Palmers to slake your thirst from devouring an entire tray of hot wings. Daly will have a John Daly.

Ultimately, this is what NIL deals are all about, which is giving offensive linemen from around the country heaping helpings of meat to help keep the poundage on and make their tastebuds happy. Win or lose, you can still go to Hooters after the game with all of your closest 300-pound friends. No, these are not just your friends, these are your brothers for life! Now go eat some wings, fam.

As long as Wing Green gets his tomatillo wing cooking, I can root for this bumblebee for a minute.

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