MLB Power Rankings: Bull market Braves, Black Monday for the Twins

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MLB Power Rankings

Mid-September MLB Power Rankings have the Oakland Athletics at the bottom. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The MLB season might be winding down but the MLB Power Rankings continue to have some big changes.

We’ve nearly reached the midway point of September which means time is running out of those last-second pushes to make the postseason. The MLB Power Rankings tell the story of what could lie ahead for those clubs with postseason aspirations.

Like the US stock market, there has been plenty of volatility throughout the year. But unlike our retirement portfolios, there is an ending in sight. Less than a month remains for miracles and collapses to finalize.

With plenty of movement in the MLB standings at the top of several divisions and within the wild cards, here is how the MLB Power Rankings look this week.

30) MLB Power Rankings: Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics were the first American League team eliminated from the postseason this year. It’s about time. The inevitable happened. Death, taxes, and the 2022 Athletics seeing their hopes and dreams shattered—all guarantees.

The Athletics aren’t finishing off the year strong. Unlike some of the other worst teams in baseball, finding positive things to say about their future is difficult. We know anyone who does play well in these final days might just become trade fodder in the offseason.

29) MLB Power Rankings: Washington Nationals

Maybe the Washington Nationals aren’t the worst team in baseball this season after all. They may not even finish with the worst record in the National League. While still placed in at number 29 in this week’s MLB Power Rankings, at least we can break those chains on keeping them in at number 30.

The Nationals have managed to pick up some wins recently to help them come a little closer to a few of those other teams near the bottom of the MLB Power Rankings. With some appearances from young players as well, at least they aren’t wasting time on becoming a credible organization again—as long as it may take.

28) MLB Power Rankings: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are the biggest challengers to take the crown away from the Nationals as the worst team in the league. Even if they have spoiled a few games against World Series contenders recently, this is a very bad ball club.

There might not be a team in baseball in more need of an ownership change. This classic ball club with a beautiful stadium and rich history needs to try a little more. We can’t blame the players. They are inexperienced. It’s tiring to know on Opening Day that the Pirates have no hope of making the postseason.

27) MLB Power Rankings: Detroit Tigers

The Athletics, Nationals, and Pirates never stood a chance this year. The Detroit Tigers, on the other hand, did. Some of the worse offense possible ruined this. Javier Baez is the only player with a chance to reach 60 runs scored or drive in 60 and he is having a horrific season.

The Tigers are a mess and somehow managed to take a step backward when expectations were pushing them steps forward. There is a hopeful feeling for the future but this year didn’t do anything to help it. Regroup, reassess, and retry in 2023.

26) MLB Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals

It’s not even fun to tease the Kansas City Royals. The American League version of the Pirates, it’s hard to really say which organization is closer to relevancy. At least the Royals have Salvador Perez around to give fans a nostalgic feeling for 2015.

Brady Singer’s success on the mound is one of the small number of bright spots for this year’s Royals club. What they need to do is get aggressive in a future offseason and do what some of the other clubs in the division have. Although it may not have worked out for them this year, we can’t blame a team for trying.

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