3 ideal Nebraska coaching hires to drag Huskers out of Scott Frost’s mess

Scott Frost, Nebraska Cornhuskers. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Scott Frost, Nebraska Cornhuskers. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /
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Jim Leonhard, Wisconsin Badgers
Jim Leonhard, Wisconsin Badgers. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

The Nebraska football program will have to replace Scott Frost permanently this offseason.

It only took three games this year for the Nebraska football program to part ways with Scott Frost.

To say it was an unmitigated disaster in Lincoln would be a gross understatement. Although the Cornhuskers are still chasing their glory days of the 1990s, who on earth could have foreseen it being this despicably bad for Frost at his alma mater? He did not lose a game in his second season leading UCF. Frost never won more than five games at any point during his five-year run in Lincoln.

With this being rock-bottom, here is who Nebraska could look to hire to replace Frost come 2023.

Nebraska football: 3 replacements for Scott Frost after this Cornhuskers disaster

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Jim Leonhard would bring a blue-collar ethos to help redefine the Blackshirts

Though he may have a perfect job at his alma mater, it is not like the Wisconsin Badgers are going to part ways with their former quarterback Paul Chryst anytime soon. Eventually, somebody is going to give Wisconsin defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard a Power Five job of his own. Taking over Nebraska is not a horrendous entry point for him. He will make the Blackshirts matter again.

Leonhard is a former walk-on at Wisconsin and played in the NFL for a decade for six different franchises. He will bring a toughness that Nebraska football has been lacking. Of any potential first-time head coach getting called into duty, Leonhard has to be the guy who checks the box for Nebraska. There are other candidates who could get the gig over him, but he should be considered.

If Trev Alberts offers Leonhard the job, he has to take it, even if it means leaving Wisconsin behind.