President Obama scolded Steph Curry over conspiracy theory joke

Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images /

The recent Rolling Stone profile of Steph Curry included some fascinating new stories, including one about a “stern” email from President Obama.

A new, in-depth profile of Steph Curry was released this week at Rolling Stone including a number of previously unknown details and stories. Among them was the fact that the Warriors had serious discussions this summer about trying to trade for Kevin Durant after he requested out from Brooklyn.

Slightly less dramatic but just as interesting was an anecdote about Steph Curry getting a chiding email from former President Barack Obama about comments on a podcast. Curry had made a joke on the podcast about not believing the moon landing was real, a goof that seemed a bit more problematic coming months after Kyrie Irving’s less-joking comments about the Earth being flat.

It didn’t take long for Curry to hear from Obama about his comments, per Rolling Stone.

What did President Obama say to Steph Curry about his moon landing conspiracy?

"“And that night,” he remembers, “I got an email. It was a pretty stern, direct one from President Obama.” Man did land on the surface of the moon, Obama informed him, and what you say matters, up here in the presidential stratosphere of power. The scolding continued, Curry says: “You’ve got to do something about this.”"

To his credit, Curry soon hosted an extended Instagram Live with a former astronaut to make clear what he actually believed, as well as working to raise money for science education programs.

Obama and Curry have a relationship that stretches back years and Obama even reportedly called Curry this year to congratulate him after the Warriors won the 2021-22 title. In the past, they’ve played golf together and Obama has traded plenty of playful, public praise and shade with Curry over the years.

And ultimately, isn’t this what you want from your friends — the trust to not just praise you but also let you know when you’ve made a fool of yourself?

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