Tim Tebow answers whether Urban Meyer will coach college football again

Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow. (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow. (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

Tim Tebow thinks his former coach Urban Meyer will have a push and pull when it comes to returning to coach in college football.

The college football coaching carousel got spinning early this year thanks to Nebraska and Arizona State firing their head coaches, Scott Frost and Herm Edwards, after just a couple of weeks of action.

So, of course, Urban Meyer’s name has been coming up as a potential coaching candidate. Even Notre Dame, which hasn’t fired Marcus Freeman, has been linked to Meyer.

Will Meyer return to coaching after his disastrous run with the Jaguars? Tim Tebow has some insight.

“I know he’s a competitor. And that competitive side, it’s a balance,” Tebow said after a slight pause to start. “It’s always a balance of what’s in you. We’re not just made of one emotion or one feeling. I think his competitive side is probably saying ‘let’s see what I can do here, let’s see what I can do here.’ He’s so driven. But the other side is being around his family and around his girls and having more grandkids now. That matters as well and I know for a long time that’s been a balancing act.”

Tim Tebow weighs in on Urban Meyer returning to coaching

Tebow didn’t exactly say he thought Meyer would make a return to coaching. He skirted around making his opinion clear on that.

However, his comments do speak to Meyer’s mindset. If the answer was a straightforward “No,” it would be a lot easier for Tebow to answer that question. Instead, he focused on all the reasons Meyers could take a job relative, along with the reasons he might turn one down.

Meyer’s family relationship and personal health has been a reason for him to leave coaching in the past. He retired as Florida’s head coach because of it. But he did come out of that and take the Ohio State job. He retired again citing health reasons after a scandal on his Buckeyes’ coaching staff. He again came out of retirement after a couple of years to make the jump to the NFL with the Jaguars.

So guessing that history could repeat itself isn’t a terrible bet. Or maybe Meyer has learned his lesson and now knows better.

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