5 explosive Bryan Harsin replacements Auburn needs to right the ship

Bryan Harsin, Auburn Tigers. (The Montgomery Advertiser)
Bryan Harsin, Auburn Tigers. (The Montgomery Advertiser) /
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NFL Hall of Fame Deion Sanders
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – JUNE 17: Deion Sanders, Jackson State University Head Football coach, speaks onstage during The Big Homecoming Event at Clark Atlanta University on June 17, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images) /

Bryan Harsin replacements: Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is by no means perfect, but he would bring Primetime to Auburn, for better or worse.

Since Sanders took over at Jackson State, he stole a 5-star and made his Tigers one of the more discussed HBCU’s in recent memory in terms of football. His record isn’t half bad either, as Prime University is 16-5 since Sanders started. His in-game management could use some work, but Sanders brings with him all the excitement of an ex-NFL great.

Auburn could really use that right about now. The recruiting boost alone is worth taking a chance on Sanders. Surround him with the right veteran coaching minds, and the Tigers may have a star on their hands.

Bryan Harsin replacements: Urban Meyer

Oh, lord. There are so many things wrong with hiring Urban Meyer. But let’s discuss how this could be a positive experience?

Ah, hell, who am I kidding? Meyer will go out in flames, whether it be at Auburn, Nebraska, or any other Power-5 team that gives him a chance. But before he does flame out, Meyer could win a conference championship or two. Ultimately, isn’t that a realistic goal for the Tigers? To be in the SEC West conversation?

Meyer’s program management is cut out for college. He is renowned for that, and would surely bring the right staff with him to Auburn. But, he’d also ask for the moon to leave a comfy broadcast booth at FOX. Does Auburn feel like giving it to him?