Best memes and Tweets about Taysom Hill doing it all and ruining fantasy football

Taysom Hill memes and Tweets
Taysom Hill memes and Tweets /

Taysom Hill is doing it all in Week 5, and in the process he’s breaking fantasy football and ruining the day of lots of fantasy footballers.

Taysom Hill did it all in the first half of the New Orleans Saints Week 5 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. In just the first half, Hill scored two rushing touchdowns, recovered a fumble on special teams, and had a kick return for over 20 yards.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen one of these games from Hill, but he’s in full Swiss Army Knife mode today, which is truly when he’s at his best. He’s listed as a tight end but functions best when New Orleans uses him across the field in a wide variety of roles and situations.

That said, we’re not sure how teams haven’t figured out that the Saints are almost never going to have him throw the ball when he’s under center.

In the first half, Hill racked up about 15 PPR points. Alvin Kamara had fewer than 5. Kamara owners are furious that he didn’t get the Red Zone carries, and opponents of those wise enough to play Hill this Sunday are clenching their fists.

Of course, Twitter had thoughts.

Twitter reacts to Taysom Hill being all over the map

This is personal for those victimized. Class action incoming?

He’s kinda looking like Michael Vick in his prime today.

Did Pete Carmichael just stumble on the motherlode?

Gotta love a good cinema reference.

The Longest Yard, anyone?

You aren’t fooling us, New Orleans…

Gotta love some memes.

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