Odell Beckham Jr. is the Davante Adams replacement Packers have been waiting for

Odell Beckham Jr (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
Odell Beckham Jr (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) /

Coming off an ACL injury, Odell Beckham Jr. is positioned to pick an elite NFL team — again. If he heads to Green Bay, he could fill the Davante Adams void.

Last November, Odell Beckham Jr. was faced with a difficult choice. Sign with the Los Angeles Rams and complement the Matthew Stafford-Cooper Kupp connection? Or head north to Green Bay and add to what Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams had at the time?

Beckham Jr. ultimately chose Los Angeles, reportedly because “he wasn’t going to take the same or less money to go to Green Bay (over Los Angeles).” At the time, L.A. was a better scene for Beckham Jr. over Green Bay, and the move proved to be a shrewd one. Beckham Jr. contributed to postseason success in Los Angeles and finally won a Super Bowl ring with the Rams.

However, the free agent finds himself in a different position this year, one that apparently has him looking elsewhere beyond the faltering Rams offense. While the Rams still rank among his top five landing spots, Beckham Jr. does have his sights set elsewhere, namely on Kansas City and Green Bay.

Beckham Jr.’s interest couldn’t strike at a better time. Things have changed in Green Bay since he last came around. The departure of Davante Adams has left a WR1-sized hole in Green Bay’s offense, as expected.

As per usual, Green Bay reacted mildly. There were no splashy offseason acquisitions, just the drafting of Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs, then hoping for the best with what they had in Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb. Once again, as expected, the Packers offense has been as explosive as it needs to be to defeat opponents, losing a big one in London to the New York Giants.

Green Bay did have the lead at halftime with 20-10, but the Packers only managed two points in the second half — and it wasn’t even the offense.

The Packers haven’t been able to hold it down in the second half all season, which is what makes a closer like Odell Beckham Jr. even more appealing.

What could it look like if Odell Beckham Jr. joins the Packers?

In the past, Beckham Jr. has been considered one of the best route-runners in the NFL, which is what Adams excelled at in Green Bay.

His ability to create separation and secure catches means that Rodgers can quickly build chemistry with someone who will remain open, much like Adams. One of the main concerns with Adams’ departure was the fact that such a large portion of the target share was directed at Adams — he was the receiving core of the Packers. The talented Beckham Jr. has the ability to undertake that role, something that the current crew has been unable to manage.

Cobb finally came through in Week 5, leading the team in receptions and yards. Doubs has shown exciting promise, as has Watson, but both are still learning as rookies.

The Packers need someone in between who is of the same caliber of Adams, and Beckham Jr. could easily fill that role. The problem is, Green Bay is going to need to compete with a high-rolling offense like the Chiefs, and the offseason Super Bowl favorites, the Buffalo Bills. There’s even the draw of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and OBJ has made it no secret that he’s a massive Tom Brady fan.

Lambeau will have to draw in Beckham Jr., an uncharacteristic mid-season pick-up, in an uncharacteristic manner: by offering monetary assurances and the allure of a Super Bowl ring. Can Rodgers and Beckham Jr. each win another ring? For the right price, they just might.

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