Skip Bayless is having a full-blown meltdown over Cowboys beating Rams

Cooper Rush, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Cooper Rush, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Skip Bayless was in rare form after his Dallas Cowboys stomped the Los Angeles Rams.

Only the Dallas Cowboys can make Skip Bayless go full-blown CAPS ATTACK over Twitter.

Not since Teddy Bridgewater took over briefly for Drew Brees have we seen a backup quarterback look this undeniably tremendous. All Cooper Rush does is win games quarterbacking America’s Team. Although Dak Prescott will be returning here very soon, Dallas is 4-1 on the season and the Cowboys’ only loss was back in Week 1 vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when Prescott got hurt.

With Dallas curb stomping the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams at their place in front of mostly an all-Cowboys crowd, you can understand why the caps lock key got jammed on Bayless’ keyboard.

Given that his beloved Oklahoma Sooners suffered essentially a hot car death in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday to arch rival Texas at Red River, the man has gone through all the emotions this weekend.

Don’t worry, as Bayless and the rest of Cowboys fans everywhere have plenty of time to book plane tickets to the Valley of the Sun for Super Bowl 57.

Just don’t be the one to tell Bayless that the Philadelphia Eagles are still a perfect 5-0 after some Kyler Murray shenanigans and a missed field goal…

Skip Bayless is overcome with emotions about his beloved Dallas Cowboys

Is it too early to crown the Cowboys Super Bowl champions? No, because they are the Super Bowl champions of every Monday of sports talk shows everywhere. It does not matter if they are 17-0 or 0-17, nobody moves the needle quite like this team. Although they have been mediocre for over a quarter of a century now, they are having themselves a moment. So when will it hit the fan???

The only way this gets even more Cowboys than Skip Bayless going full-blown, skull-rattling CAPS ATTACK mode on us is if Prescott loses his first two starts back and we have ourselves a got dam quarterback controversy. Can you even imagine the biweekly Jerry Jones press conferences if that were to be the case? Mike McCarthy, Dan Quinn and Kellen Moore will not be prepared for this.

Ultimately, we have to give the Cowboys credit where it is due. Although it remains to be seen if they will be the best team in the NFC, they are proving so many doubters wrong. They were a popular regression candidate at the start of the year. While the conference is not as good as the AFC, the Cowboys have already beaten the two teams who played for the Super Bowl a year ago.

Win or lose, you will be hard pressed to see Bayless react quite like this after any Cowboys game.

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