Watch: SNL Weekend Update did hilarious bit on Latino players in MLB (Video)


Saturday Night Live has a new cast member, Marcello Hernandez, and he made quite a memorable night for himself with a hilarious MLB bit.

Much like roster turnover we see in sports, Saturday Night Live went through an overhaul this offseason. Gone are familiar faces and fan favorites like Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Chris Redd, and the iconic Kate McKinnon.

But as the cast turns over, new faces emerge to try and usher in a new era for the show.

One of those new faces is Marcello Hernandez.

Hernandez made his debut on Weekend Update and delivered an absolutely hilarious commentary on the difference between Latin MLB players and their American teammates.

“I thought it was impressive Colin, but there just wasn’t enough emotion for me,” Hernandez said about watching Aaron Judge hit his record-breaking home run. “He hits his 62nd home run, puts the bat down gently, and then it’s a couple of high fives and straight to the dugout.”

Of course, Judge’s home run was incredible. He’s not wrong, though. He also makes the comparison to Dominican players, as he stated at the beginning of the clip that he is Dominican himself.

“When a Dominican guy hits a home run, he throws the bat to a different dimension. Once he gets to home plate, he thanks everyone he’s ever encountered,” Hernandez

The timing of his skit was perfect as the playoffs move forward and the Wild Card series wrap up, and there’s a lot to look forward to upcoming.

There’s a lot to look forward to during the MLB postseason

The playoffs are certainly heating up. Three of the four Wild Card matchups moved forward in just two games, with just the San Diego Padres and New York Mets left to fight for the last divisional series spot.

The New York Yankees will face the Cleveland Guardians, the Houston Astros will face the Seattle Mariners, the Philadelphia Phillies will face the Atlanta Braves, and the Los Angeles Dodgers will either face the Mets or the Padres, pending on who wins the Wild Card series.

Hernandez encapsulated the spirit of the playoffs, and he did so in a hilarious way, which is all the more reason to be excited.

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