MLB Twitter roasts Yankees’ Josh Donaldson for hilariously bad baserunning

New York Yankees slugger Josh Donaldson was oh so close to hitting a home run. Instead, the ball glanced off the top of the wall and came back into play. He wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Donaldson and good baserunning don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

The Yanks slugger nearly hit a home run, but the ball just barely stayed in play. New York didn’t help his case by playing the Yankees’ home run music, but Donaldson needs to be ready for anything — this is playoff baseball in the Bronx, after all.

Rather than keeping his head up and rushing back to first or second base hoping to salvage something out of the deep fly ball, Donaldson kept on jogging around the bases. That backfired.

Just a casual trot around the bases with the boys, nothing to see here.

Donaldson was as shocked as most fans, as he assumed the ball went out of the yard. He did try to use the short porch to his advantage.

Yankees: Josh Donaldson savaged by baseball fans

Donaldson’s baserunning flaw could have a lasting impact on the game. Isiah Kiner-Filefa, the very next batter, tripled on a play that would’ve scored Donaldson had he remained on the basepaths. IKF would give the Yankees the lead shortly thereafter by scoring on a sacrifice fly.

Still, baseball fans had some fun at Donaldson’s expense. Such is often the case as it pertains to playoff baseball.

Essentially, Donaldson pimped a long fly ball. It’s the ultimate Josh Donaldson out, because Donaldson himself would be upset if anyone else took part in such a moment.

It remains to be seen if Donaldson will hold himself to the same standard (likely not).