This perfect trade with Steelers could save the Packers season

Chase Claypool, Steelers, Packers (Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images)
Chase Claypool, Steelers, Packers (Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images) /

The Packers need help in the WR position. A trade with the Steelers could help solve some issues.

The Green Bay Packers may have a winning record, but a loss to the New York Giants in Week 5 sure feels like they’re getting closer to panic mode. There are some really easy tweaks the team can make to revitalize and improve its offense — which is the 22nd-best offense in the league in terms of points per game — but the receiver room has been a focal point since before the season.

The Packers lost Davante Adams this offseason when they traded him to the Las Vegas Raiders and didn’t quite backfill those big shoes. The team has gone with a committee approach. They have 118 receptions — six more than they had at this point last year — on a slightly better completion percentage. But the leading receiver is Romeo Doubs who has just 22 receptions.

Davante Adams had 42 receptions at this point last year with the Packers.

Obviously, the Packers could use a clear No. 1 receiver to help create some gravity among oppositional defensive backs. No one has stepped up, and it’s difficult to see anyone on the roster doing so.

A bit more talent density in the receiver room would help create more mismatches and opportunities for the Packers who seem bullish on forcing the passing game in their offense.

One trade proposal has Chase Claypool heading to Green Bay Packers

Enter the Pittsburgh Steelers. At 1-4, this season is probably going to be an L for Mike Tomlin’s team. They’re obviously in a transition year having given the QB keys to rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett. Liquidating some of their premier talent might be in their best interest to fortify their rebuild.

Bill Barnwell proposed 15 trades in a recent column (subscription required) and his idea for a trade between the Steelers and Packers is mighty interesting.

The Packers get a clear No. 1 receiver out of the deal and send Amari Rodgers to the Steelers. Rodgers, drafted in 2021, fits the Steelers’ timeline a lot better than the third-year Claypool. They also get a fourth-round pick in the deal in exchange for a seventh which will help them infuse some more young talent.

Packer fans have been frustrated with Rodgers who has been reduced primarily to a kick returner role with no receptions on the year so far. He’s fumbled the ball twice in 15 kick or punt returns.

The Packers, publicly, aren’t giving up on Rodgers. Here’s what special teams coordinator Ray Bisaccia said recently:

"“He works his rear end off and does a good job making decisions back there. He’s a clean-catch guy right now and he’s a young player. So, I’m real excited about the future, what he’s done and the way he practices, and so we’d like him to do a better job with ball security and hanging onto the ball, and he’s working on it.”"

Could be that perhaps they’re rolling him out there against the Jets to keep his trade stock tenable, though…

The Steelers get the short end of the stick in terms of raw immediate talent to be sure, but you have to hope that your environment is better set for a young player like Rodgers who just might need a fresh perspective and environment to turn his career around. He could also get more repetitions at his primary position in a low-pressure environment which just could be what he needs to turn his career around.

This would definitely be interesting. The Packers have other options to fortify their WR options — maybe Odell Beckham Jr.? — but this is certainly a good deal to consider.

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