Everything Aaron Rodgers said after awful loss to the Jets

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports)
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports) /

Aaron Rodgers called on the Green Bay Packers to stay together and simplify things on offense after a bad loss to the Jets.

The Packers lost the opening game of the season and had to rally back together to win the next three games. Now they’ve lost two in a row to the Giants and the Jets. Again, they need to respond.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has some ideas about how the team can get back to winning ways.

Here’s what Rodgers had to say after the 27-10 loss.

Aaron Rodgers postgame press conference after Jets loss


Rodgers rejected the idea that the Packers are in crisis mode.

“We’ve got to be realistic about where we’re at. We’re played a couple of subpar games the last two, so we’ve got to play better,” Rodgers said when asked if the season was feeling wobbly. “Wobbly? Only if people are breaking rank. It’ll be interesting to look at the comments from all of our guys and coaches and hopefully, we stick together, that’s the important thing. Until I see us breaking rank I’m not going to say there’s any wobbliness going on.”

True to form, Rodgers said the team must “guard against the freakout” while leaning on player leaders.

Aaron Rodgers wants Packers coaches to simplify

From a coaching perspective, the answer to everything for Rodgers is simplicity.

“Based on how we played the last two weeks I think it’s going to be in our best interest to simplify things for everybody,” Rodgers said.

He was surprised by the performance against the Jets because he thought it was a good week of practice for the team. So preparation isn’t the problem, in the eye of the QB. It’s all about execution.

“The scheme is good, really good. But even the best scheme takes good execution. When we’re not executing the way we believe we should be executing it might be time to reel it back in a little bit and simplify some things,” he said.

Inconsistency has set the Packers back, Rodgers asserted. Getting back to basics would help the team execute at a higher level. He pointed specifically to the second-half scoring drive against New York. The offense was at its best on Sunday when it was running simpler concepts.

The Packers could make a signing or trade to acquire more weapons

Outside of simplifying the offense, Rodgers also acknowledged the possibility of acquiring the pieces that can help the team raise its level.

“I think there’s enough on this team to be a successful team. There’s a possibility if certain guys emerge of us having a chance to make a run…but if there’s an opportunity I would expect that Brian [Gutekunst] would be in the mix,” Rodgers said.

In the meantime, the quarterback is focused on keeping the team together and making his own individual impact greater.

“I’ve got to raise my game probably a tick in order for us to come out on the winning side in some of these games,” he said.

It might be easier if he wasn’t dealing with a bit of a thumb issue. He acknowledged it was a “little sore” but didn’t impact a significant number of throws.

The bigger concern right now is with Randall Cobb, whose ankle injury looks likely to sideline him for a few weeks. Rodgers’ said his heart goes out to his teammate, whose absence will only make the climb ahead for the Packers more difficult.

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