Floyd Schofield headlines Golden Boy Fight Night

KISSIMMEE, FL - MARCH 05: Floyd Schofield celebrates after a first round knockout over Jonathan Conde during the Boxeo Telemundo All Star Boxing event at Osceola Heritage Park on March 5, 2021 in Kissimmee, Florida. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)
KISSIMMEE, FL - MARCH 05: Floyd Schofield celebrates after a first round knockout over Jonathan Conde during the Boxeo Telemundo All Star Boxing event at Osceola Heritage Park on March 5, 2021 in Kissimmee, Florida. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images) /

Floyd “Kid Austin” Schofield headlines ‘Golden Boy Fight Night’ on Thursday against Daniel Rosas in an eight round bout.

This Thursday, Golden Boy Promotions returns with their Golden Boy Fight Night series live on DAZN, which will serve as the last one for the year. The main event will feature the bright young prospect Floyd “Kid Austin” Schofield (11-0) going up against Daniel “Bad Boy” Rosas (22-5-1) in an eight-round matchup. Stacked with quite a few young prospects, this fight card looks to highlight some of the fighters that should be on fans’ radar when the calendar turns the page to reflect 2023.

Schofield, who is from Jersey City, N.J. but resides in Austin, TX, made a name for himself in the amateurs while living in Texas hence the name ‘Kid Austin’. He joins the list of fighters who are coached by their father. Floyd Sr. serves as the head coach and has the challenging task of helping his son with life and career decisions. While getting some pro fights under his belt, one of those hard career decisions presented itself, like which promotional company Schofield would sign under.

Schofield told FanSided, “Well, really, it was my dad’s decision. My dad always told me that I would be going to Golden Boy since I was like 13/14. I would be like, ‘Nah, no I’m not. I’m going to be with TMT; that’s where I want to go’. But he made it come true, and I’m glad because this so far has been the best decision we have made in our lives. They (GBP) have done so much for us already, and we just got signed. The future is bright for me at Golden Boy, so I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

Days after announcing his new deal, Schofield showed off his potential in front of a Ft Worth, TX crowd at an event headlined by welterweight contender Vergil Ortiz Jr., a native of TX. During that fight, Schofield dominated his opponent Rodrigo Guerrero (26-15-2), which forced his corner to stop the fight at the beginning of the sixth round.

Floyd Schofield vs. Daniel Rosas will be streaming Thursday, live on DAZN.

Now Schofield faces the pressures associated with headlining a card amongst some of the most hardcore fans in the sport. The Fantasy Springs Hotel & Casino, located in Indio, CA, is known to host these showcase cards, but those in the crowd are amongst some of the sharpest fans in the game as they know everything about most young fighters. So, is there any pressure to perform in front of that crowd in Indio on Thursday? “Not really. I’m looking to stay with tunnel vision going in and making it out of there safe. The opponent I’m fighting, I feel, isn’t on my level speaking real facts. I’m just going in there to do my job and make it back to my family,” said the 20-year-old prospect.

Although this is the first time fighting in Southern California as a pro, Schofield didn’t have the need to hold his camp on the west coast but did acknowledge that he needed a change of environment for this one. The young prospect and his team traveled to Houston, TX, and spent eight weeks there, which meant Schofield would be away from family and friends. As he matures within the sport, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing that he will soon learn. Schofield said, “It wasn’t easy, but it was a step in the right direction. I needed to get away from possible distractions and just get my mind right, and it helped. I got good sparring out there and was working non-stop. I couldn’t go out because I didn’t know anyone out there, and I had my diet right. I didn’t have the distraction of having the ice cream shop downstairs (laughs). I feel like that is going to make my performance better.”

Although he is headlining and will be in with tough competition as GBP matchmaker Roberto Diaz doesn’t make it easy for his prospects, Schofield leaves the film watching and game planning to his father and team. He feels all he needs to know is that he will meet Rosas in the ring on fight night. This will be Schofield’s fourth fight this year, and although he is leaning towards calling it a year after this one, his father would like for him to get in there one more time before the clock strikes 12 and we are introduced to 2023. Either way, Schofield feels ready for the challenge and welcomes the fifth fight if one is available.

On a lighter note, and switching gears from the task at hand, with some of the young fighters, things happen quickly, and your life changes at a snap of a finger. So, from the beginning of the year to now, has anything changed in the life of ‘Kid Austin’? “I have family relatives that I never met apparently (laughs). I got people from school, like fourth-grade teachers hitting me up. I know my Dad raised me right, so I already know what that is. And I have a couple of people acting weird since I got signed. Besides that, I know it’s going to get better on some ends and worse on some ends.”

Finally, what is the message for those tuning in live, whether in person or at home? “If you are not going to attend live, you should tune in live. It’s going to be a great show. We have a bunch of good prospects on the card too. I’m just here to put on a show for everybody; get this knockout and on to the next.”

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