Watch Packers’ Quay Walker get ejected for shoving inactive Bills player

Quay Walker of the Green Bay Packers. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Quay Walker of the Green Bay Packers. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

Packers linebacker Quay Walker was ejected on Sunday Night Football after he shoved an inactive Buffalo Bills player on the sideline.

The Packers have enough problems to deal with on a three-game losing streak. They didn’t need to add a starting linebacker getting ejected to the mix. That’s what they got on Sunday night anyways, and it’s going to make getting out of their slump even more difficult.

Quay Waker drew a flag and an ejection in the first half against the Bills when he shoved a member of the opposing sideline.

Walker ended up in the middle of Buffalo’s sideline after making a tackle. After getting up, he struck out at an inactive Bills player who appeared to be moving to help James Cook up.

Quay Walker ejected for shoving inactive Bills TE

The officials immediately threw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. They then huddled and also decided to eject Walker.

The Bills player has been identified as Zach Davidson, a tight end on the practice squad who was inactive or Sunday’s game.

It was a huge overreaction from Walker and a silly reason to get ejected from a game against one of the best offenses in pro football. There was no reason for him to put hands on someone who wasn’t in uniform. He has to know better.

If the Packers were on a roll, this could be brushed off as an immature moment from a rookie. It could be a simple teaching moment.

However, with Green Bay on a losing streak and fans pointing to a costly unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Eric Stokes last week, this feels like yet another sign of the team being out of whack.

They needed to play clean football to have a chance of bouncing back with a shocking upset of the Bills. A 24-7 scoreline at the half proved they didn’t do that.

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