Watch Yordan Alvarez’s Game 6 home run from all angles (Video)

Yordan Alvarez launched a moonshot in Houston to give the Astros a massive lead in Game 6 of the World Series and it was a sight to behold. 

It seems as though the Houston Astros are inevitable.

Despite blowing Game 1 of the World Series and falling behind in Game 6, the Astros proved they’re essentially Baseball Thanos on Saturday in Houston. After watching Kyle Schwarber give the Philadelphia Phillies a lead in the sixth inning, Yordan Alvarez answered by hitting a ball so hard and so far that it probably still hasn’t landed.

Aside from the astonishing flight path the ball took, the home run counted for three runs and put Houston back up in a close out World Series game. No matter how many times they got knocked to the mat, the Astros wiped the blood off their lip with a smirk and answered back with a vengeance.

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Alvarez didn’t so much hit a home run as he did launch a ball into orbit. More than that, he hit a blast that almost certainly goes down in Houston Astros lore.

The television broadcast was a sight to behold, but Alvarez’s home run was insane from just about every angle it was captured from.

The FOX television broadcast:

And the fan angles are even more wild:

Needless to day, fans couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed and took to Twitter to try and either fully comprehend the Yordan bomb or rationalize what Phillies fans did to deserve this level of pain.

That last one hits hard.

Philadelphia is not a sports city that lends itself to pity, but it’s hard not to watch how this World Series has gone and not feel bad for Phillies fans.