Bears fans, NFL media lost it on Twitter after refs screw Bears on missed PI call


The Chicago Bears and Justin Fields got robbed against the Miami Dolphins, and Twitter was not pleased by the official’s blatant and egregious error. 

Robbery. That’s the one word to describe the Chicago Bears‘ loss to the Miami Dolphins. It also ruined an outstanding performance by Justin Fields.

With the Bears driving to potentially win a game that no one gave them a chance in, officials stepped in and made their presence felt. Chase Claypool, who was acquired this week ahead of the NFL trade deadline, went up for a pass in which he was grabbed and dragged away from the ball while it was still in the air.

The ball had not been tipped at the line nor touched by a defender prior to Claypool being grabbed, which should have resulted in a clear-cut pass interference penalty. Had a flag been thrown, the Bears would have been set up with tremendous field position with a chance to pull off an upset win.

The key phrasing there being had a flag been thrown. Despite what appears to be obvious pass interference, there was no penalty called on the play.

Needless to say, social media was irate, and rightfully so.

Twitter was the Chicago Bears’ best friend in criticizing the officials after the loss to the Miami Dolphins.

If any solace should be taken from this game, the Chicago Bears now know what they must do in the offseason with the cap space that they have. They NEED to invest in both the offensive and defensive lines. Again, all the FA Money and draft picks must go into the offensive and defensive lines.

The game today was evident. Despite allowing just two sacks, the Bears’ offensive line still had flaws, and Fields had to work magic to save his life. That PI Call could have been avoided had the defensive line put more pressure on Tua throughout the game and not allowed him to wreak havoc, but the damage was done.

It was a horrible ending for the Bears after what they endured during the game and what they discovered. They have their quarterback. The addition of Chase Claypool wasn’t a magical debut, but he showed what he could do for this team just by his presence.

The Bears need more. The priority for the offseason is clear. OL, DL/EDGE, WR, and possibly another CB to go alongside Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon. But unfortunately, they won’t be thinking about that now. They will think about how they got screwed on a play that was so egregious, so blatantly bad, and one that is a fineable offense.

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