2 women viciously threw down at the Astros victory parade (Video)

Astros victory parade. (Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports)
Astros victory parade. (Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Astros victory parade after winning the World Series featured more than enthusiastic celebration as two women got into a fistfight in the crowd.

Sports does an amazing job of bringing people together. We saw that on Monday as a huge crowd turned out to celebrate the Astros‘ World Series victory.

Unfortunately, sports fans also embarrass themselves in the worst ways at times. We saw that too on Monday as fans in the crowd at the victory parade got into a fight.

Onlookers decked out in orange watched and took video as two women threw down for reasons unknown.

Two women at Astros victory parade tussled

Imagine wasting your time fighting another fan while you’re supposed to be celebrating something as momentous as a World Series title. Whatever those women were fighting about couldn’t possibly be worth it.

This was the second Astros championship and the first since their controversial victory in 2017. That 2017 title was shrouded in controversy because of Houston’s sign-stealing scandal. This one offered the team some redemption and legitimacy.

Making it all the more special, the Astros had lost their two previous World Series appearances. In 2019 they fell to the Nationals. In 2021 they came up short against the Braves.

This time around Jeremy Peña and company reached the top of the mountain by besting the Phillies in six games. They did so despite falling behind 2-1 after an emphatic Philadelphia victory in Game 3.

From that point on, it was all Astros. The pitching staff threw a combined no-hitter in Game 4 and then finished by limiting the Phillies to just three runs for the rest of the series. Peña ended up winning World Series MVP honors for his outstanding performance, including a home run in Game 5.

Hopefully, the rest of the fans who turned out to celebrate the victory got to enjoy the day more than those two women.

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