Backstory to cameraman pelted by football on Monday night is wild

49ers, Brandon Aiyuk (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
49ers, Brandon Aiyuk (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

The backstory of the camera operator that nearly took a football to the groin on Monday Night Football from Brandon Aiyuk makes the moment even crazier.

On Monday Night Football, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk scored a touchdown and he instinctively threw the ball toward the padding at the back of the endzone. Except, in this case, a camera operator was positioned right in the ball’s flight path.

Worse, one angle of the throw shows how close the ball came to the operator’s groin, which, yeah, wouldn’t have been good.

Several 49ers, including Aiyuk and Christian McAffrey, rushed to check up on and apologize to the camera operator — who was identified as Nick Schebetta. Schebetta was laughing it off, clearly invigorated and humored by the moment.

Backstory to camera operator who took a ball to the leg from 49ers wide receiver

According to Matt Maiocco, Schebetta was already dealing with ailments coming into the game. He was suffering from food poisoning. So, the incident really added insult to injury for Schebetta’s very rough day. Plenty of the Niners are familiar with him according to Maiocco since he has worked for the team as a producer for over five years now.

Don’t be surprised if some subtle revenge comes via unflattering footage of Aiyuk in practice or games over the next few weeks as retaliation…

Jokes aside, the moment ended up just fine for all involved and turned out to be a pretty wholesome incident in the end, which can’t be said for every player-operator incident we’ve seen this season.

Infamously, Davante Adams shoved a camera operator in Kansas City out of frustration earlier this season, and that individual suffered injuries and subsequently pressed charges against the Raiders’ wide receiver.

Rest up, Nick, they’re going to need you to run it back for the next one on Sunday.

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