Odell Beckham Jr was furious on Twitter after Von Miller injury


Free agent Odell Beckham Jr went on an anti-turf Twitter rant after Buffalo Bills star Von Miller was carted away on Thanksgiving following a knee injury. 

Buffalo Bills fans are holding their breath after Von Miller was carted to the locker room following what the team said is a knee injury.

Miller appeared to get rolled up on after getting his foot stuck in Ford Field’s turf. Replay showed Miller’s leg slightly jiggle in a way that indicates an ACL injury, although the Bills have yet to determine the exact nature of his injury.

Needless to say, another star player suffering a devastating — and potential season-ending — injury on field turf has once again enraged players and fans at home.

Almost as soon as CBS cameras showed Miller being carted to the Bills locker room, Odell Beckham Jr  jumped on Twitter and was livid over what had happened.

Odell Beckham Jr reacts to Von Miller injury on Thanksgiving

Specifically, Beckham  called out the Ford Field turf and continued an ongoing call by players to get rid of the playing surface before it hurts more players.

Beckham isn’t alone in wanting the NFL to move away from using turf in its stadiums. It’s a movement that has gained over the years but has become a vocal talking point in the wake of recent injuries that players are attributing to the playing surface they have to play on.

Ford Field is a perfect encapsulation of the arguement and the angst about the use of turf. Just a few weeks ago, Green Bay Packers linebacker Rashan Gary injured his ACL and is now forced to miss the rest of the season. The slit film turf used by the Lions has been almost universally blamed as the cause of Gary’s injury and now Miller suffered an almost identical injury on the same playing surface.