NFL Twitter destroyed Dan Snyder over embarrassing Sean Taylor statue


It turns out there truly is no bottom when it comes to how low Dan Snyder will sink after the pitiful reveal of Sean Taylor’s “statue”. 

Today was the day the Washington Commanders revealed its tribute to Sean Taylor, a moment that even for a franchise with an almost undefeated ability to burp up all over itself while slouched over in a chair seemed hard to get wrong.

Never doubt how low Dan Snyder will sink, though.

Rather than unveiling a tribute to the late NFL star, who remains to this day one of the most beloved players in franchise history, the Commanders turned in another half-assed effort that confirms a running theory that no one in the building is capable of anything more than utter disappointment.

In fact, the Commanders didn’t even reveal a statute at all. Instead, they revealed that the “statue” was nothing more than a wire mannequin in a glass case wearing Taylor’s uniform.

Rather than an actual statue or an actual tribute, Synder went with something that very well could have been lifted from the team’s store.

NFL Twitter roasts Dan Snyder over Sean Taylor statue

NFL fans and media were in lockstep over their reaction to the statue. It takes a lot for fans and the media to universally agree on something in the world of football, but Snyder managed to bring everyone together to absolutely take him to task over how ashamed he should be for tossing the legacy of Taylor aside as he did.

Truly nobody thought that the statue was anything less than Snyder essentially spitting on Taylor’s grave while doing a Jordan Shrug.

The Sean Taylor statue reveal is another low point for a franchise that seems unable to be respectable and also unrelenting in its pursuit of finding out where the bottom is.