Lamar Jackson calls out ESPN reporter, claims tweet wasn’t anti-gay

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson called out an ESPN reporter who considered his phrasing towards one fan in a since-deleted tweet to be anti-gay.

After another tough loss, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson took to social media — truly never a good combination, FYI — and called out a fan who questioned whether he deserved the contract he’s reportedly pursuing.

Jackson’s comment in a since-deleted tweet read as follows: “Boy STFU y’all be cappin too much on this app mf never smelt a football field never did s*** but eat d***.”

In an article from ESPN Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley, the analyst wrote that Jackson’s comment ‘included an anti-gay phrase.’

On Monday morning, Jackson again took to Twitter to point the finger at Hensley, claiming defamation of his character.

“This is Defamation of my character, Because not once have I ever mentioned or disrespect anyone’s Sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, Religion or Race. Your [sic] reaching…,” Jackson said.

Ravens: Lamar Jackson claims tweet wasn’t anti-gay

Lamar Jackson’s tweet was vulgar, to say the least, and the phrasing definitely wasn’t ideal for the Baltimore quarterback. He insulted a fan of his, and despite his frustration, he has to know better as a professional athlete. This is not my spin, it’s just how the media works.

Surely someone told Jackson this, which is why he deleted the tweet in the first place just hours after making the public comment.

However, he does have the right to claim defamation against Hensley, even should it prove unwarranted. The Baltimore reporter has yet to comment directly to Jackson.

It is not for us to say whether Jackson’s commentary is offensive, but one can clearly see how it could be interpreted as such. The phrasing, as emotional as it may have been in the moment, is just another cautionary tale for athletes who use social media to promote their brand.

Sometimes, it’s best just to turn your phone off.