Jordan Poole had Draymond flashbacks after getting elbowed by Spencer Dinwiddie

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

Spencer Dinwiddie smacked Jordan Poole right in the face and got ejected after getting assessed a Flagrant 2-type foul he disagreed with.

One more game on the road, one more loss away from home for the Golden State Warriors. The Dubs could not defeat the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night falling 116-113 to Luka his teammates. Speaking of falling, one man who surely did was Jordan Poole.

With the game into the second minute of the fourth quarter, Dallas Mavericks guard Spencer Dinwiddie tried to get the ball inside the paint by dribbling past Jordan Poole. Poole, guarding the Mavs’ two-guard closely, bumped his chest into Dinwiddie’s right shoulder and what followed must have brought some very dark memories to Poole.

Right in Poole’s face, that’s where Dinwiddie’s elbow landed on the play.

After the contact and a review by the referees in yesterday’s matchup between Dubs and Mavs, Dinwiddie was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game with a little less than 11 minutes left to play.

Dinwiddie appeared to be surprised by the refs’ decision, which they worded as “unnecessary and excessive contact that occurred above the shoulder” when Dinwiddie “swung his elbow and made contact into Poole’s face.”

“Dinwiddie has been ejected from the game,” they announced.

Jordan Poole already got punched in the face earlier this year by teammate Draymond Green

Dinwiddie’s elbow to Poole’s face, as crazy as it sounds, might have felt familiar to the Warriors player.

Earlier this year, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported from the Dubs’ pre-season training camp that “Draymond Green threw a punch at teammate Jordan Poole at practice,” according to his sources.

Wojnarowski detailed the story by writing that “the two players had been verbally sparring prior to some pushing,” which later led to an escalation ending with Draymond Green “taking a swing” that “made contact with Poole.”

After a few hours, a full video of the violent punch got leaked with TMZ making it public. Everybody got access to the footage, Draymond Green decided to “take time away” from the Warriors, but ultimately there were no further actions with Green and Poole starting the season like nothing had happened between them.

The latest episode in Poole’s career involving another (this time unintentional, although the referees didn’t agree with that and sent Dinwiddie home with a flagrant 2) blow to his face must have brought some memories his way.

As if that wasn’t bad enough news for Poole, Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr recently called Poole out in the post-game press conference after Golden State defeated Minnesota 137-114 on Sunday.

“I think he’s been better, but I think the consistency needs to be there,” said Kerr referring to benching Poole through the game. “Jordan got a little careless and lost his man, first in the half-court and then in transition. We gave up six straight points.”

Poole had another rough outing against the Mavericks on Tuesday even though he scored nine points and dished out nine dimes to go with a couple of boards and four blocks. The problem, as always, was his careless play (five turnovers) and poor shooting from the floor (3-of-9) and on 3-point attempts (1-of-6).

The Warriors are now 11-11 on the season sitting 10th in the Western Conference standings. The loss to Dallas dropped their record away from home to a measly 2-10 through Tuesday, compared to a near-perfect 9-1 record at home.

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