Dak Prescott responds to LeBron James’ comments on Jerry Jones photo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. (Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. (Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports) /

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott responded to LeBron James’ comments about a controversial photo of Jerry Jones by focusing on “grace and change.”

Dak Prescott got pulled into a difficult discussion about Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and race relations but he showed no interest in stirring the pot.

It all stemmed from a Washington Post article that dropped last week about Jones and his record on race. The article featured a photograph taken in 1957 of white students at an Arkansas high school blocking six Black students from entering. A 14-year-old Jones appears in the crowd.

Lakers star LeBron James brought up the photo when asked by the media about Kyrie Irving’s controversy relating to antisemitism, wondering why he was expected to weigh in on Irving but not Jones.

As the quarterback of the Cowboys and a biracial person, Prescott had his own take on the situation.

Dak Prescott responds to Jerry Jones controversy and LeBron James comments

“Obviously we can be more empathetic and give grace obviously to one another, regardless of race, obviously from the times that we’ve come from to where we are now, thinking about the growth that we’ve had,” Prescott said. “That’s who I am and that’s how I think, optimistic. A guy who is completely biracial, Black and white, it’s easy for me to speak on race on one side or another. And I don’t always…I don’t know if I’ve fully processed it all the way, honestly.

“I think whether LeBron’s talking to the picture, that’s on Jerry to address. In the same sense, it’s 65 years ago and how times have changed. I mean, look at the man’s resume since then, right? As I said, I give grace. I think that’s a conversation and question not only for him but for you guys and how y’all feel and how accountable y’all have been in covering and discussing the disparities and differences in race.

“As I said, I’m here for growth and giving grace and trying to make this world a better place. That’s who I am at my core and all I believe in. Unfortunate things come up from the past, pictures, and they show how far we’ve come, but in the same sense, they’re a reminder of how short of a time that was ago. That wasn’t that long ago that we were all sitting on different sides, and we weren’t together.

“But as I said, I wouldn’t be here if it were still that way. So I believe in grace and change. Those are questions for Jerry and for y’all, honestly, that I don’t have quite the answers for.”

Prescott was certainly diplomatic, but fair.

It is on Jones to address his actions from the past and the present, especially with current criticism stemming from his lack of hiring Black coaches.

It’s also on the media to consider the criticism levied against them from James, who was certainly calling attention to Jones’ controversy but was also making a point about how racial issues are framed within the media. That doesn’t mean the media has to agree with James. Or that James was right to switch attention to Jones when being asked about Irving. That’s just not something Prescott has to weigh in on himself.

In the end, it’s hard to argue against Prescott’s overall message. All he can do is push for grace and change.

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