Watch Tom Brady scream at teammates after getting owned by the Saints, again (Video)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) /

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was caught on the sideline screaming at teammates after the Saints stopped Tampa Bay in their tracks again.

Think Tom Brady is happy about the prospect of losing to the Saints and falling to 5-7 in 2022? Video of the Bucs sideline during Monday Night Football says it all.

The quarterback was caught on camera screaming apparent expletives on the sideline after Tampa Bay punted down 10 to New Orleans.

“What the —- was that,” Brady seemed to be yelling.

Tom Brady lost it on the sideline with the Bucs losing to the Saints

Shout out to Blaine Gabbert, who was sitting next to Brady on the bench and seemed to be doing his best to disappear into a hedge like Homer Simpson.

Brady was furious after the Bucs eight-play, 35-yard drive ended with a punt. The third quarter ended with Tampa Bay facing a fourth-and-seven from the New Orleans 40-yard line. They punted the ball away despite being down two scores.

His reaction on the sideline was reminiscent of a similar moment against the Saints earlier this year when he threw a tablet in anger.

Even though no tablet was injured this time, Twitter had jokes.

The Saints went on to hit a field goal to extend their lead to 16-3. On the next drive, things got worse for Brady as he took a sack on first down and the Bucs had to punt again quickly. The quarterback tried to argue for going for it from the Tampa Bay 25 but was overruled.

The NFC South has been a mess all season with no team taking a hold of the division. The Bucs went into Monday Night Football atop the standings at 5-6 but still very much in touching distance of the 5-8 Atlanta Falcons, 4-8 Carolina Panthers and 4-8 New Orleans Saints.

Brady came out of retirement to compete for Super Bowls, not to toil away while struggling to win the division. His frustration with the direction of the season is clear.

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