Last-Chance DraftKings and FanDuel Maryland Promo Codes: How to Bet $40 and Get $700 Before Offer Ends

If you’d like to quickly turn $40 into $700, you’ve come to the right place! Sports betting is officially legal in Maryland and tons of residents have already won BIG. Now, it’s your turn to take advantage of the tremendous sportsbook promos available to you before they end. Here’s how to claim each stellar offer:

FanDuel Maryland Promo Code

If you sign up for FanDuel and bet $5 or more on any game in any sport, you’ll get $200 in free bets whether you win or lose! Yup, that’s +4000 odds guaranteed!

Your part is easy. Just follow these quick, simple steps:

  1. Sign up for FanDuel with this link
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Deposit at least $5.
  4. Bet $5 (or more) on any game in any sport

Even if your bet loses, you’ll receive $200 in free bets from FanDuel to help welcome you to sports betting. A free $200? It doesn’t get much easier than that!

This spectacular promo is only valid for new users in Maryland and won’t last much longer. Sign up for FanDuel now to secure your free $200 before the offer gets pulled!

DraftKings Maryland Promo Code

DraftKings Sportsbook has a Bet $5, Win $200 offer for new Maryland users too, and it’s just as easy to claim as the first.

Just use this link to sign up for DraftKings, complete the identity verification, and deposit at least $5.

Wager $5 or more on any game, then you’ll automatically receive $200 in free bets to use as you please! Again, it doesn’t matter if your bet wins or loses. You get $200 either way.

You have to be a new DraftKings user in Maryland to get your $200. The clock is ticking, so sign up for DraftKings today while you still can!

BetMGM Maryland

BetMGM is joining the fun with a great opportunity for new Maryland users as well: Bet $10, Win $200 if either team scores a TD in the game you bet on!

You’ll sign up for BetMGM with this link, complete the identity verification, and make a deposit of $10 or more.

Wager that $10 on any Week 14 NFL game, then you’ll get $200 in free bets if either team scores a TD in that game!

It doesn’t matter which team scores or if you win or lose that initial bet. As long as someone finds the end zone for a TD, that $200 is going to your account.

You must be a new user to qualify. Sign up for BetMGM today to get +2000 odds for anyone to score a TD in any Week 14 NFL game!

Caesars Maryland Promo Code

The last stop on our sportsbook tour is Caesars, where you’ll get $100 guaranteed if you bet $20 on any game! Whether you win or lose your wager, you’re getting $100!

Simply use this link to sign up for Caesars, verify your identity, and deposit $20 or more.

Bet at least $20 on any game in any sport, then you’ll receive $100 in free bets guaranteed! That’s a free +500 win on any bet!

If you win your bet, you’ll get those winnings plus the free $100. If you lose your bet, you’ll still get $100. Guaranteed means exactly that!

Only new Caesars users in Maryland can claim this promo. It’s limited-time only, so sign up for Caesars now to get +500 odds no matter what!

Between these four sportsbooks, you’ve now got $700 in free bets waiting for you from just a $40 investment! This is an effortless, nearly-guaranteed $700, so take advantage of this incredible opportunity to build up your bankroll and sign up for all three sportsbooks now!

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.