Nick Sirianni comments on Odell Beckham Jr. rumors as Eagles speculation grows

Odell Beckham Jr. was floated as an option for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Nick Sirianni commented on the matter Friday afternoon.

Considering how long OBJ has been a free agent, just about every team has been mentioned as a potential landing spot at this juncture.

Enter the Philadelphia Eagles, and head coach Nick Sirianni.

The Eagles are among the best teams in football, and arguably the favorite to win the NFC and represent the conference in the Super Bowl. Odell would surely welcome the opportunity to play in the big game for the second straight year.

The only problem? Beckham Jr. won’t be healthy for a few weeks, per Micah Parsons, and he doesn’t value playing in the regular season. OBJ wants to play by his own rules, and that won’t fly in Philly.

“Really happy with the room that we have,” Sirianni said. “One of the best wideout rooms … the best wideout room I’ve ever been a part of in the NFL. We’ve had some good ones and this is the best one we’ve had.”

Could the Eagles sign Odell Beckham Jr.?

Sure, any team could sign OBJ if they wanted to. But if the Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t even consider such a move, why would the Eagles?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk floated Philadelphia as a potential option earlier this week.

Sirianni used the Beckham Jr. question as an opportunity to praise his current receiving corps.

“Everybody knows what A.J. and DeVonta are doing,” Sirianni said. “And then you have Quez, who is continuing to come on and continuing to make plays and continuing to be that big speed receiver that we need.”

Beckham Jr. is back home in Arizona weighing his options at the moment, though he doesn’t want to play in the regular season, either to heal from his injury or because he doesn’t see the value in it.

That should be a concern to any interested club, let alone a team like the Eagles, where OBJ would be nothing more than a luxury.