Watch: Draymond Green gets officials to kick Bucks fan out of game (Video)


A Milwaukee Bucks fan was removed from the game after Draymond Green complained to officials. 

Paying for entrance to an NBA game does not mean fans are allowed to do whatever they want.

Some fans are learning this lesson the hard way, as was the case on Tuesday night in Milwaukee during the Bucks-Warriors game.

After a whistle during the third quarter, Draymond Green went straight to an official and began pointing out a fan who was sitting behind the basket, urging for his removal. As you can imagine, Bucks fans let Draymond hear it for complaining about a fan, but that didn’t stop him from getting the job done.

After a quick discussion, officials did exactly that and had stadium security walk the fan out.

Not for nothing, but cameras kept showing the wrong fans in the lead up to security walking out the person Draymond was pointing at. NBC Sports Bay Area cameras kept cutting to a group of men sitting in the front row behind the basket, which led everyone watching to believe that they were who Draymond was pointing at.

They didn’t help their case by reacting to Draymond’s frustration, but to be fair they could have misinterpreted where the Warriors star was point (as we all did).

It turned out to be a man siting behind the group in question.

Truly a roller coaster with a plot twist.

Despite their disdain for Draymond calling out a fan, you can sense at least a moment of relief when they realize they aren’t the ones being singled out.

This isn’t the first time fans have been ejected at the request of a player. LeBron James did something similar not that long ago, something that folks on Twitter were quick to point out, and it’s another unfortunate example in a long line of negative fan interactions with players.

A few years ago Russell Westbrook had popcorn dumped on him while leaving the court in Philly and 3 Jazz fans were banned after hurling racial slurs at Ja Morant’s father during the Jazz-Grizzlies series that year. Westbrook also had a negative interaction with Jazz fans not long before the Morant incident and Chris Paul nearly got into it with a Mavericks fan who allegedly attempted to hug his mother without her consent.

It’s unclear what caused Draymond to request the fan be removed, but this sort of thing is starting to become an all too common occurrence.