Jerry Jones gives the most notable OBJ update for Cowboys yet

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones. (Syndication: USA TODAY)
Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones. (Syndication: USA TODAY) /

Jerry Jones isn’t done hyping up the Odell Beckham Jr. to the Dallas Cowboys storyline just yet.

One minute it looked like Odell Beckham Jr. and the Dallas Cowboys were a sure partnership, the next it looked like that was a distant likelihood. With Beckham still unsigned halfway into December, NFL fans are looking for any sort of update on where the star wide receiver will land.

On Friday morning, Jerry Jones gave us what we were looking for.

According to Jones, the Cowboys are close to signing Beckham. Speaking to USA Today, here’s what he had to say:

"“Odell’s going to join us,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. “There’s a good chance he will, with the complete goal of getting ready for a playoff game or two, and then I’ll look to the future. But most of it being about now.”"

We knew the Cowboys were still looking at a deal with Beckham. It looks like the end of the Cowboys-Beckham saga is upon us. Thank goodness it wasn’t actually as big of a waste of time as it appeared.

Jerry Jones quote leaves a lot of questions about the contract

The biggest question, of course, is whether or not this is a long-term deal or not. Based on the way Jones worded his statement, it seems like not.

Beckham was seeking a multi-year contract with this deal but it seemed as though the Cowboys were entirely hesitant to go there, along with other teams. Beckham, on his visit to the Giants, Bills, and Cowboys facilities, didn’t work out.

The Cowboys leaked his medicals and revealed that Beckham was not fit to play, and probably wouldn’t be until the playoffs, according to what Micah Parsons said. Beckham then indicated he just didn’t see a point in regular season games.

It could have been a strategic play, putting Beckham’s cards out there on the table to keep the bids low and ensure Dallas could get a good deal. If that was Jones’s play, it was a gamble given that it could have turned Beckham away entirely.

The hedge, though was that the Cowboys added TY Hilton recently, so if they add Beckham as well, they’ll have multiple veteran receivers to up the ante on what their offense is capable of. Largely, it’s been dependent on the ground game with Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard this season. Jones previously indicated the Hilton addition didn’t preclude them from also adding Beckham.

We’ll see if this comes to fruition for certain. Jones has indicated there was mutual interest between the team and OBJ in the past, but this is the clearest quote yet. Not since he appeared courtside at a Mavs game with potential Cowboys teammates did we feel so close to him suiting up in Dallas.

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